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LOVE IN CHINA - Zhang Tianfu: The 2018 Solo Concert

For free tickets, please contact Ping Xia at (626) 726-7502

Tianfu Zhang, a famous tenor from China National Symphony Orchestra, will present an exciting music performance “Love in China” in Arcadia Performing Arts Center on September 23. Mr. Zhang has served as a judge in the International Vocal Competition, published three solo albums, and performed numerous Chinese and foreign songs. He has also held over nine personal concerts covering a wide variety of songs, including arias from the Italian opera "Rigoletto,” Chinese contemporary songs, and Mongolian folk songs. Mr. Zhang demonstrated his colorful timbre and powerful voice as he performed this diverse range of music. The guest artists will include baritone Cailun Yue, baritone Baicheng Wu, dramatic soprano Min Li, cellist Jojo Li, violinist Maki Hsieh, and pianist Yu Chen.

来自中国国家交响乐团著名男高音歌唱家张天甫先生,将于9月23日给洛杉矶的侨胞们在中秋佳节的团圆喜庆气氛中,呈现一場高水准别开生面扣人心弦的美聲音乐盛会「愛在中國」。他不仅担任过国际声乐比赛评委,演唱过大量中外大型歌曲,包括原创及电视歌曲和出版三张个人专辑,更成功在国内外举办了九场个人音乐会,张天甫此次音乐会曲目广泛,有难度极高的義大利歌剧《弄臣》選曲,也有极富情调委婉动听的中国当代歌曲,及豪放大气的蒙古哈萨克族民歌,风格逥异美聲异彩纷呈。演出阵容有美国著名男中音歌唱家岳彩伦,男中音歌唱家吴柏成,戏剧女高音歌唱家李敏,美国大提琴演奏家李淑君女士,美国著名小提琴演奏家歌唱家Maki Hsieh女士,和中国著名钢琴家陈钰女士。


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