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A Beautiful Evening, Celebrating Shaanxi, China

To promote the economic, trade development and cultural exchanges between the United States and China, to share China's excellent traditional culture, and to strengthen friendly exchanges between China and the United States.

Sponsored by the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Shaanxi Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, the General Assembly of the Northwestern General Chamber of Commerce of the United States

2018 "A Beautiful Evening, Celebrating Shaanxi, China" will be held on October 13, 2018 at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center for Los Angeles. A world-class, large-scale tour will be held from artists travelling to United States. They include famous artists from Shaanxipresenting a rich cultural and artistic feast.

The performances include Qin Qiang, Dance and Ancient Music, Erhu Solo, Northern Shaanxi Folk songs, Shangluo Drum, Song and Dance Red Lanterns, solo, Xi'an drums, folk art, etc.