The Arcadia Music & Arts Symposium

The Arcadia Music & Arts Symposium is an annual summer session hosted by the Arcadia Unified School District Band Department. This exciting experience brings music industry professionals together with middle school and high school band students. The Foundation is a proud annual supporter, and invite you to visit for more information!

Theatre Arts Academy

Hosted by AEF. Presented by APAF.

Hosted by AEF. Presented by APAF.

Directed by Evan Tomayo, the staged Alice In Wonderland production teaches students of all levels the important fundamentals of performance. Hosted by AEF Summer School, the Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation is proud to support this exciting opportunity for middle school students. AEF Summer school registration is open now at!

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State funds are not sufficient to support all the programs students need. Due to funding gaps, the school district is not able to offer K-8 theatre pipeline.

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To help bridge the gap, the Foundation established the Theatre Arts Academy. The summer program at AEF is open to middle school students.

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In July 2019, Theatre Arts Academy students will perform Alice in Wonderland!

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